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You may print out any image on this blog or on my website on your printer, matt and frame it. All I ask is that you let my name and website show at the bottom. Personal use only.

Even better, request the high resolution file of the picture you want. It's free! Give prints to friends and family.

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ROBERT BISSETT - Recent Paintings
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About Me

 Robert Bissett
 Naples, Idaho, USA


Nationally Recognized

Listed on AskArt.com
The American
Artists Bluebook

Dec. 31, 2007

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NEW! eBook version
eBook + Black & White Edition Coming Soon

Real Art Real Easy
by Robert Bissett

"Take the Mystery out,
Put the Magic in."

Not satisfied with your paintings?
Know you could do better?
Just learning to paint?
Self taught, ready to get serious?
Feeling lost and frustrated?
Now there's help...

Real Art Real Easy

Teach Yourself to Paint
or to Paint Better


Now Available!

144 information packed pages
8x10", full color

Praise for
Real Art Real Easy

"I have often believed that it is the responsibility of artists to teach, to pass on to others the information that might allow someone to access his or her own creativity more fully. Moreover, given that such a small percentage of people actually plunk down their hard earned cash for a piece of art, it makes sense that we artists should teach a bit so that we expand the circle of people who actually get excited by creative activity.

In Robert Bissett's Real Art Real Easy, we find an artist who meets this responsibility and then some. In one simple volume, Bissett gives us a lifetime of accumulated knowledge. From drawing to painting, to working in the studio to working en plein air, from scribbling to advanced studies, from charcoal to pencil to oil to digital work, Bissett rolls out numerous exercises, visual art concepts, in a variety of media and subject matter. In addition, Bissett shares with us the teachings of other artists that he has encountered in a long and successful career. A Bissett theme that runs throughout is that the making of art and finding the means to express yourself is both fulfilling and fun. If you don't know exactly where to begin but have that urge to jump into visual art, this may be the book for you."

Five Stars

Jerry Fresia, PhD, Artist, Author, Instructor


"This book is truly great! Bob Bissett gives the perfect blend of fundamentals along with intuitive stuff that will connect with artists of all levels. This book should be in every art class of all levels in every school in the world. You will become a better artist when you study this book!"

Five Stars

Max Eberle
Champion Pool Player, Artist, Author, Instructor


"What a splendid book! I'm overwhelmed with the amazing amount
of work that you put into producing this volume. Every page is
stuffed with good stuff. It has a remarkable density, therefore,
and is as if 2 or 3 other books in the art category were combined.

Your presentation of specialties like NOTAN gives a richness to
the text which is surprising. All in all I think it is a fine product and
deserves to sell well.  The  color repro, too,  is very good. But
again, what astonishes me  is the amount of work that you have done
to make this compact, thorough text on a subject that required you
to do so much more than just writing a text.  The illustrations are
uniformly good, in my opinion.... I am
learning NOTAN from it, which is new to me.

Interesting to see, on P. 29, the newly discovered Da Vinci profile,
which appears on this month's ArtNews! Somehow you got there first.
The section on color is really good. Extremely useful. You've made a
book that should take a  year or two to work through. But because
it is so dense, it can be re-used year after year. I'm proud to know
ya Bob!!!

It's a splendid product which is going to be important to
many people. I wish it could be in every art supply store, where it
is so badly needed.  People come looking desperately for something
that will help them, but the books (in my experience) are very
unsatisfactory. Usually a lot of puffery or padding  and 1 or 2 good points. 

I think CONGRATULATIONS are in order on the book!
Love them cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This  book is a life-saver for art teachers."

Five Stars

Jeanne Morgan, MFA, Art Historian, Artist, Instructor

Autographed Copy
from the Author directly and save.

While they last...

100% Satisfaction or
Full Refund
for Like New Condition
Buyer Pays

Return shipping

Domestic Orders
$30 + $6 S/H in USA

Paypal account not required

International Orders
$30 + $15 S/H outside USA

Paypal account not required

Createspace:  Purchase: $39.95 + S/H

Order from Amazon.com $39.95  + S/H

New! Real Art Real Easy eBook

This is an ebook (printable), that you download to your computer.
 You can then read it at your leisure and keep it for future reference. This book contains everything the hard copy book has and is a full-color edition. The pictures actually look better on the monitor than the printed page. You will need "ADOBE READER" to read your book, which is a FREE download just below if you don't already have it. Right click the 'Buy Now' button. After transaction is complete you will be taken to a secret page on my website with the
that opens the pdf.


US $20

Right click, then left click on 'Save Link as...'
then save it to a folder you can find easily.
It is 20 mb and may take several minutes.
Once saved to your harddrive,
double click on the file, insert the password
 and it will open.

CLICK HERE to download a newer version of

Coming soon...RARE in black and white

New! eBook + Black and White Edition


Get the full color eBook above,
Plus the black and white soft cover for $20.
Download the PDF now...
Enjoy the full color images in all their beauty and
get started reading.
When your hardcopy arrives in a few days
take it with you into the studio or on location.
The best of both worlds.

The color images still look great in black and white...
the test of good values!

In most of the exercises color is not essential.
For those where color is needed you have the full color PDF.
Here are a few sample pages...



Compare with the color pages...



You have never seen

an art instruction book

like this!

For beginner to advanced

Real Art Real Easy

Beautifully Illustrated
Clearly Written

The Shortcut for
Learning to Paint or
Learning to Paint Better

addresses the mysterious, little understood half of what goes into painting a picture.

Most art instruction is about the ‘how’, this is more about the ‘what’

Making the step from the profusion of nature to a two dimensional design is a complex process

Real Art Real Easy

breaks that process down into easy stages you can master

You can open the book at random
or start with the first
Two Page Spread
of more than 60
and work your way
to the end

Novel insights
and powerful exercises

Bissett gives you the opportunity to stretch those aesthetic muscles, some you didn’t even know you had, and he makes it fun...

          Artistic concepts   pg 78, 80

          Cartoon art   16, 18, 20, 106

          Charcoal drawing the easy way  92

          Colors, the wisdom of three   68

          Color wheel customized    70

          Computer is a tool   82, 84, 112

          Computer art software, free    84

          Crayon’s on the wall    14

          Critiquing   120-128

          Drawing basics you must know    34-38

          Drawing the figure    110

          Drawing with a pen    116

          Elements & principles replaced    74

          Freeform play    22

          Landscapes in four planes    64

          Map and color, what’s that?    106

          Memory and imagination practice   

             16, 20, 24-28, 118, 122-126

          Modeling with five values    62

          Notan as taught by Dow & me   42-60

          On location    118

          Photographing your art    134

          Playing at art    12-30,78, 80

          Process of painting    86, 88

          Sculpture for painters    112, 114

          Sketchbooks    138

          Warm-ups, fast & fruitful    22-32

          Watercolor the easy way    94

          And much more!

Enough to keep you
busy learning for years!

"This is the book with the revelations I searched for but never found. Art workshops, classes, lessons, DVDs, books...all good, but something is missing. It’s a fact, students and teachers want to get right to the painting, often before they should."

"The usual painting demos are great
and I've done many myself.
The problem is people can only
see half of what's going on."

Can you learn to ride a bicycle
by watching a movie or
reading a book about it?
No, you can't.
It's not an intellectual
activity. There is a
'feel' to it that only comes
from experience

Putting paint on canvas is important,
but there is a lot more to it that
can not be shown in a demo!

Telling students to do
a Thumbnail Sketch
is a start, but not
nearly enough!

The purpose of

Real Art Real Easy

is to bring together in one place the exercises which have helped me and others to understand what picture making is really about

Some of them I learned from other artists; some I stumbled upon myself. Each deals with a skill that will be used throughout your art career. Use them to begin learning and return to them later to continue improving or as an energizer when you need to reboot

While meant to be learning opportunities, it is possible
you’ll end up with some great artwork in the process

Before your next...

Art Workshop
Painting Class
DVD or

Learn what you need to succeed

Real Art Real Easy

Domestic Orders
$30 + $6 S/H in USA

Paypal account not required

International Orders
$30 + $15 S/H outside USA

Paypal account not required

100% Satisfaction or
Full Refund
for Like New Condition

Return shipping
Buyer's responsibility

 About the Author

World-class Artist and
Master Painter

Robert Bissett lives in north Idaho, travels the world and paints in acrylic, oil and watercolor. He is known for his portraits, plein-air landscapes and studio work.

He graduated from the Air Force Academy in 1967, served over five years as a pilot including two tours in Viet Nam. Returning to school after the service he graduated from Washington State University with a degree in architecture, Summa Cum Laude, in 1975.

A career in architecture seemed more practical, but the urge to paint became overwhelming in the summer of 1980. That fall he had his first show at a gallery in Anchorage, Alaska. Most of the paintings were landscapes and it sold out. The following spring a mountain “portrait” of Pioneer Peak was selected as the subject for a four thousand edition Beautiful Alaska promotional print, 16" x 48". Bissett moved to Idaho in 1980. He has traveled throughout the US, Japan, Australia, Spain, Turkey, Ethiopia, Greece, Iran, Greenland, England, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Costa Rica and Italy. His paintings are a valued part of many private collections.

Bissett put aside the brushes for a period of seven years in 1997 to focus on architectural design, specializing in the exciting possibilities of Monolithic domes. During that time he was responsible for many interesting projects, among them the Sigler Dome of a Home in Florida that survived hurricane Ivan in '04 and a five dome complex, including one of the largest high end dome homes in the world, 130' diameter, 55' high and nearly an acre of floor area. In the summer of 2004 he returned to art with renewed enthusiasm, ready to focus on his first love - painting.

Previous books include:

 Robert Bissett, Recent Paintings,
Meadow Creek Editions, 2007.

Hardcover - $44.35 Order Here
Paperback - $24.32 Order Here
PDF downloadable - $3.00 Order Here


Acrylic Painting Techniques
(featured artist)
by North Light, 1995

Bissett identified as
"...a master painter..."
page 3


Fine art prints
of my work available at
Fine Art America.
On paper or canvas,
optional matting,
framing and glazing.
From $22 for ~6x8" and up.



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